Be comfortable with your body and feel strong fit and sexy.

Almost everything you have read in women’s fitness magazines is completely wrong!

If you are a mesomorph female or a women who wants to get an athletic, sexy lean and firm physique I suggest stop listening and reading fitness magazines and instead read on here…

Now, a lot of women want to know how to get a body that they can feel comfortable in and be proud of at the beach. However it is difficult to even come close because most are too worried they will end up looking like Hulk Hogan! This means they shy away from lifting weights for fear of becoming ‘bulky’.

For most women this is simply UNTRUE.

Because of the differing levels of oestrogen and testosterone in the genders, females physiologically won’t build muscle at the same typically rate as men can. The training cannot be exactly the same but fear of weights completely can be extremely limiting to a fitness program.

The stronger and fitter a women becomes, her waist will get thinner and she will shrink dress sizes and look stronger and healthier. Win-win!

However there is also the mental component to this; whilst having a lean physique is great, most of us also have 9-5s or part time jobs that place constraints on our ability to train like a fitness model. This means that the best workouts must maximise each session in the gym for fat burning and building core strength. This must also be complemented by diets that give you energy and allow you to smash every day as the best you can be.


For this exact reason check out my blog for advice on optimal nutrition for cutting and increasing muscle. I also discuss mental strategies such as mindfulness that give your mind a rest and allow your body to better heal. If you are looking for a comprehensive and extensively researched training program to get you back into shape than I suggest checking out the following program.

My blog is great start but if you want to take massive, immediate action to change you body then this is the program that I would suggest. Flavia Del Monte (who put together the program) is meticulous in her preparation of all her female specific training and diet programs. The program has been shown to have results with a wide variety of clients and if implemented properly will give truly amazing results to those who commit. It’s not up to me but these are the guys that I trust.

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What Should You Be Doing?

The principles that make up an effective muscle building program for a male are exactly the same as those that make up an effective training program for a female.

 You need to challenge yourself and give your body a reason to actually change. High reps do help burn fat and help you improve muscle definition but not nearly as much as powering through and destroying eight tough as nails repetitions that leave your exhausted. Heavy weight training burns far more calories than high rep nonsense with light weights ever could. Now this is harder, but it get results

Really when you study fat burn from workouts it’s not how much you sweat or even how many calories you burn during the workout that is important but rather how many calories you burn in the 24-48 hours after your workout, during the recovery period.

You need to continually challenge your body. You can do this by adding more sets, decreasing your rest periods, or most importantly and most effectively; increasing the weight.

While many of the principles of effective weight training are exactly the same for males as they are for females, there are a few differences that need to be pointed out.

ADVICE #1: You will work out best when targeting a range of 8-15 reps.

ADVICE #2: You Can Tolerate a Slightly Higher Training Volume Than Men (So feel and embrace that burn!)

ADVICE #3: Females Require Less Rest Between Sets Than Males (Go hard for 30 mins then get the fuck out of the gym and on with the rest of your life!)

So there it is! Train hard, train smart and eat right. The correct diet simply cannot be underestimated and it can make all the difference in whether your training is effective or not! I will discuss this further in my blog.

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The right diet and targeted weight training will not make you put on bulk and look like a female bodybuilder. Fitness Models and celebrities who are in amazing shape can all attest to the fact that if you want to change your life you have to challenge your body.

These workouts have been amazingly effective for mesomorph females but whatever your body type it will help you get the fantastic physique you deserve.

Good Luck with all your fitness goals and I hope your motivation brings you the results that you deserve (I’m sure it will!!).