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Almost everything you have read in women’s fitness magazines is completely wrong!

Jessica Biel Female Mesomorph

Jessica Biel


If you are a mesomorph female or a women who wants to get an athletic, sexy firm physique I suggest stop listening to fitness magazines and carry on reading here…

Now… a lot of women want to know how to get a body like Jessica Biel.

However none of them will ever really come close because they are too worried they will end up looking like Hulk Hogan! This means they shy away from lifting weights for fear of becoming ‘bulky’.

That is simply UNTRUE.


Because of the differing levels of oestrogen and testosterone in the genders, females physiologically won’t build muscle at the same rate as men.

The stronger and fitter a women becomes, her waist will get thinner and she will shrink dress sizes and look stronger and healthier. Win-win!

 The principles that make up an effective muscle building program for a male are exactly the same as those that make up an effective training program for a female.


Mesomorph Female Success

The possibilities if you train properly

You need to challenge yourself and give your body a reason to actually change. High reps do not burn fat or help you improve muscle definition. Heavy weight training burns far more calories than high rep nonsense with light weights ever could.

It’s not how much you sweat or even how many calories you burn during the workout that is important but rather how many calories you burn in the 24-48 hours after your workout, during the recovery period.

Mesomorph Female Results

You CAN Look Like This

Isolation exercises like leg extensions and triceps kickbacks are a waste of time.


You need to continually challenge your body. You can do this by adding more sets, decreasing your rest periods, or most importantly and most effectively; increasing the weight.

While many of the principles of effective weight training are exactly the same for males as they are for females, there are a few differences that need to be pointed out.

1) Females often work best when targeting a range of 8-15 reps.

2) Females Can Tolerate a Slightly Higher Training Volume

3) Females Require Less Rest Between Sets Than Males

So there it is! Train hard, train smart and eat right. The correct diet simply cannot be underestimated and it can make all the difference in whether your training is effective or not!

The right diet and heavy intense training will not make you put on bulk and look like a female bodybuilder. Fitness Models and celebrities who are in amazing shape can all attest to the fact that if you want to change your life you have to challenge your body.


Diet for Women

Bikini Body Success – Alyson Iannacone

These workouts have been amazingly effective for mesomorph females but whatever your body type it will help you get the fantastic physique you deserve.

Good Luck with all your fitness goals and I hope your motivation brings you the results that you deserve (I’m sure it will!!).


Matt Simpson









Female Fitness Plan

Whether it be a workout program for females at the gym or a home workout program the mesomorph female has a definite advantage. Female muscle should never be about the weight you put on or how big and ripped your arms are.

But you still want to look toned, tough and hot right?!mesomorph girl looking hot

This can be done through a great many home workout plans but I would always suggest getting down to a local gym and taking advantage of the weights. Nothing attacks fat quite like a high intensity session taking on the weights.

Soon I will be suggesting a workout plan that is still in development for this page but until then take advantage of the cardio workouts and the diet!

Clearly mesomorph females don’t want to be bombarding their body with carbs but healthy portions of brown rice and wholemeal pasta are great for recovery after you have worked yourself hard in the gym. Female fitness is very similar to male fitness in a variety of ways diet and workouts can often be designed exactly the same. However men and women often have different aims from what they want from training.

As a women I’m you want to be strong but not bulky but have that athletic stomach tone, of course it comes easy for some and is harder for others but with a specifically targeted and designed workout program a female mesomorph can see fantastic results.

Good luck if you are starting your fitness journey here!


Strong Is The New Sexy

The first thing you need to know is that as a mesomorph female there are only a few things you can do to change the way you look.

Tone doesn’t really exist.

You can only make a muscle bigger or make it smaller.

The same can be said for fat cells; you can make them bigger or you can make them smaller.

That’s it.

Basically what every female should be aiming to do is build muscle and lose fat.

While the phrase “build muscle” scares some females, it shouldn’t. This is a fear that is completely unfounded. Women don’t build muscle at the same rate as males; in part due the hormonal differences in testorone

When you build muscle you will end up looking better and burning more calories at rest, meaning it will help you lose fat and get leaner.

You need to continually challenge your body.

You can do this by adding more sets, decreasing your rest periods, or most importantly and most effectively; increasing the weight. Females should not be afraid of getting stronger or increasing their training weights. Strong is the new sexy.

Females Require Less Rest Between Sets Than Males

Because women are generally less muscular than men this means they recover much faster, females don’t need to rest as long between sets. While most males will need at couple minutes between a heavy set of squats before they will be able to repeat the effort, most females can do so in just a minute or less.

All of this means that a properly targeted mesomorph female workout can be very effective.

Hold on for future posts!



Female Cardio Training

As a mesomorph female you are not like a Gwyneth Paltrow type. This means that you can have a full curvaceous figure but it also means that you possibly have to watch your diet slightly more. Also you should incorporate some high intensity cardio, which will keep your legs and hips strong whilst also keeping off belly fat.

The best forms of cardio are often misunderstood. A 10km run is good for your heart but doing lots of ten kilometre runs will really only make you better at doing 10 kilometre runs. Also getting to the stage where you can run a 10k effectively takes a long time. More effective methods can be specific female workouts at home which don’t take up much space and only take around 20mins to do.

Burpees are fantastic for building cardiovascular strength and are a seriously effectively fat burning exercise. Skipping and body weight exercises are something that every female workout plan that focuses on having an effective cardio regime to complement it should include.

The female physiologically is especially good at dealing with running long distances and if you can work in two week workout cycles to put in one fast 5km run with endurance focused ten kilometre run then this can be very effective. The rest of your cardio work should be short, sprints and press-up sit-up star jump routines.


Female weight loss programs and female strength programs will all expound the benefits of sprint training. Short bursts of sprinting will shred fat as the body gasps for energy and reaches to fat to break down to allow it to keep providing energy. The female workout at home is severely under-rated however because it is very easy to replicate the way sprint training makes your body feel by working your muscle to exhaustion. As previously mentioned Burpees are an excellent female (and male) workout exercise and better than anything they provide a completely FREE WORKOUT PLAN.

Good luck with all your goals in the future and I hope you are getting close to the body you have always dreamed of!

Matt ;)

Mesomorph Women Fitness Intro

I have been creating and building websites on fitness, muscle building and nutrition for getting a great physique for the last couple of months. However I have noticed that there is a huge gap in the market. No one has created programs for the mesomorph female!

In fact there is very little on the internet at all in terms of programs that can be bought to set out a great diet and female workout plan. A lot of the female fitness success stories you see are from women using programs that are targeted at men but still having success.

I am amazed that until now there hasn’t been more of a focus on getting female workout programs readily available on the internet. However this will soon change, I am partnering with a very exciting product to bring specially targeted workouts, motivation and diet from a young, experienced and extremely fit female personal trainer. This will be an offer you are unlikely to see elsewhere and it guarantees results in a program that is designed completely with the female body in mind.

Although in this site I have targeted the mesmorph female because they find it easiest to put on lean muscle, it actually doesn’t matter what body type you have because this program will help you set goals, stay length and get a sexy, athletic physique!